MEDICLINICS is your ally in diaper changing stations and electric hand dryers for public restrooms.

Saniflow Corporation, a division of Mediclinics S.A., offers a wide range of products for commercial washrooms in North America since 2003. Our parent company Mediclinics S.A., has over 50 years of expertise manufacturing warm-air electric hand dryers and is a worldwide leading supplier in the industry.

With high-performing and innovatively-designed products, we are committed to offering comprehensive solutions for any specific need. To achieve this, we count on highly qualified team members who work tirelessly with a single purpose: to satisfy the needs of our customers.

In addition, Saniflow is equally committed to promoting sustainability in the manufacturing process by using a combination of new and recycled materials through an established advanced waste stream separation process. Our hand dryers are guaranteed to make a positive impact on the environment, ensuring a more sustainable future for generations to come.

We have a team of highly trained and committed professionals, who play a fundamental role in the development and excellence of our products. Ranging from our pioneering design team that remains at the vanguard of contemporary trends and technologies, to our manufacturing unit that upholds unparalleled quality benchmarks for every item dispatched from our premises, every individual at Mediclinics is united by a dedication to excellence and customer contentment.

Our product portfolio includes a wide range of baby changing stations, electric hand dryers and bathroom accessories. These offerings ingeniously harmonize sustainability, energy efficiency, optimal performance, and elegant design. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and provide solutions that improve hygiene, reduce operating costs and advocate for ecological sustainability.